Filipino-American Accountants of Texas - Filipino organization in Houston TX

Filipino-American Accountants of Texas

The Filipino-American Accountants of Texas (FAATx) is an organization that promotes the professional education and economic viability of the individual members – accountants and certified public accountant. We provide continuing education, public awareness and interest in the profession, and mentorship of aspiring students and accountants to become certified public accountants.

We are a member of National Council of Philippine American Canadian Accountants(NCPACA), the umbrella organization of Filipino accountants in North America. It is a council accountants’ association whose regular members are professional accountants of Philippine ancestry.

FAATx facilitates the exchange of knowledge and information within our community. We connect our members to each other and to other NCPACA chapters or affiliate members, to provide the opportunity to meet, discuss and report on professional licensing and accounting policies and issues affecting the members in public and private practice as well as those employed in various industries and in government.

4042 Cheena Dr
Houston, TX 77025

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